SGSC16 Accoutability Discussion Resources

Critical Resistance has a large resource list related for “Addressing Harm, Accountability, and Healing”

Creative Interventions has an extensive (622 page) toolkit for addressing interpersonal violence

Here are a couple of article comparing/describing restorative justice and transformative justice: Partnership for Safety and Justice; The Society Pages

Here is a graphic on the sociocultural levels of violence pepetrating factors and accountability (note: assumes a gender binary and assumes male perpetrators of violence and female victims of violence)

Description of the Rashomon model of dealing with consent violations including a free 2 hour training

Article from Prison Culture about Transformative Justice and community accountability with infographics

Thought provoking Fusion article on what consent looks like when consciousness is altered (they address alcohol but could apply to other alterations of consciousness)

Article from Cuppa Cocoa about a Better Way to Say Sorry

Storify about calling in and Brave Spaces